Drive Pods

Hydraulic Drive Pods

Hercules Hydraulic Drive Pods are recognised to be amongst the best, if not the best, available anywhere in the world.  They offer a simple and easy to install alternative to other forms of propulsion.

  • No more expensive parts to purchase and organise – all you need is a Drive Pod
  • No more leaking stern glands
  • No more damp bilges
  • No more condensation problems
  • No more alignment problems
  • No more maintenance problems – it’s a sealed unit; no grease or oil required
  • No more vibrational problems
  • No more torsional problems
  • No more installation problems
  • No special tools required for installation
  • No technical or engineering knowledge required for installation
  • No expensive, technical labour required for installation
  • Takes only 30 minutes to install. Simply bolt it in, a DIY job
  • Simply ask the boat builder to weld the tube in and you bolt the Drive Pod into it
  • Allows you to position the engine where it best suits your needs
  • The most cost effective method of overcoming common propulsion system problems
  • No more leaks
  • No more worries

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