Bow Thrusters

Electric Bow Thrusters

Hercules Hydraulics Aluminium Lightweight, Heavy Duty Bow Thrusters are designed for Workboats and Continuous duty.

Designed around Class Rules these Bow Thrusters are fully encapsulated and feature a tunnel constructed from Class Approved extruded 5083 grade aluminium or mild steel. The tunnel may be cut to any length up to 5m.

The high strength, lightweight construction is, on average, 50% lighter than competitor units of the same size. With long life and simple maintenance in mind, Hercules Bow Thrusters feature a stainless steel shafts and spiral bevel gears.

The complete units are manufactured by Hercules at their premises in Devon.

  • Electric motor, permanent magnet internal
  • Synchronous Reluctance assisted Permanent Magnet (SRPM) technology. 
  • Extremely compact and robust aluminum frame structure. 
  • Highest efficiency throughout the operation range on the market (~96%) 
  • Liquid cooled with water-glycol mixture 
  • Low coolant flow required 
  • Allowed coolant temperature up to +65ºC
  • IP65 enclosure class to maximize reliability


  • Designed for workboats and continuous duty 
  • Designed for Manoeuvring or Positioning 
  • Designed in accordance with Class Rules for transverse thrusters 
  • 3 tunnel types for HEBT40, HEBT60 & HEBT90 Extruded 5083 Aluminium Alloy, Mild Steel 
  • The extruded 5083 Aluminium Alloy tube is provided with full Class Approved 3.2 Material Certification 
  • Tunnel length, where supplied, can be cut to any length to suit the installation 
  • Designed for continuous heavy duty use 
  • Internal spiral bevel gear for high efficiency 
  • Cast Aluminium Alloy Grade LM6 drive pod, with oil lubrication 
  • Encapsulated Pod, Tunnel and tube design makes it failsafe and leak free 
  • Aluminium Alloy propeller 
  • Inbuilt replaceable anodes 
  • Stainless steel drive shaft, with oil lubricated bearing assembly, via 8 litre oil tank Mounted above the water line.

Click here to download the Cad drawings for the GA01 40hp

Click here to download the Cad drawings for the GA01 60hp

Click here to download the Cad drawings for the GA01 90hp

HEBT 40.45hp.238nm.160kgDanfoss DrivesAC Induction / 37KWLiquid Cooling.IP55
HEBT 60.65hp.402nm.204kgDanfoss DrivesAC Induction / 56KWLiquid Cooling.IP55
HEBT 90.90hp.620nm.285kgDanfoss DrivesAC Induction / 65KWLiquid Cooling.IP55