Electro Magnetic Clutch Units

Electro Magnetic Clutch Units

Our own range of plug in type of electromagnetic clutch units was designed, in partnership with Stromag, and developed to be installed onto live Power Take Off points on Marine propulsion gear boxes.

Typical use is for the gearbox PTO is to power and drive hydraulic pumps, our clutch units interface between the gearbox PTO and the pump units so they can be easily isolated.

On some potential installations it may be desirable to provide total isolation via a clutch unit to either eliminate potential noise issues or where Safety or economy reasons dictate the isolation of the equipment being driven.

These clutch units can be installed on all, SAE B 2 and SAE C, 2 or 4 Bolt mounts and can be fore end driven if required.

The hydraulic pump interface can be varied to suit the application.

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