Heavy Duty PTO Clutches

Heavy-Duty PTO Clutches

In partnership with the Logan Clutch Corporation, a recognised leader in the industrial clutch market, Hercules Hydraulics now offer a range of heavy-duty, self contained, corrosion-resistant

PTO Clutches for auxiliary and direct-drive applications.

Simple, Efficient, High-Torque PTO Clutches

Logan PTO Series Clutches are used in a variety of Industrial, Marine, Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Oil Field, Rail and Road applications. They are designed to mount between the engine and any auxiliary attachment, such as a hydraulic pump or winch.

PTO Clutch Applications 

Single and Multi-Station Pumps • Mobile or Stationary Auxiliary Drives • Connect / Disconnect Direct Drives • Winches • Hoists • Thrusters etc. 

Bell Housing PTO Clutches

Logan air / fluid actuated Bell Housing PTO clutches are self-adjusting and designed to mount directly onto the engine flywheel.

The friction disc packs are designed for dry operation and actuation is accomplished through either a stationary cylinder piston arrangement, or through internal shaft and clutch passages.

The clutch is bored and key seated for shaft mounting with torque transferred from the disc pack to a geared drive ring, to the flywheel.

Bell Housing PTO Clutch Applications

Marine Propulsion / Auxiliary Drives • Mobile Equipment • Hybrid Vehicles • Blowers • Vacuums • Fans • Tree Chippers • Generator Sets

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