Hydraulic Propulsion

Hydraulic Propulsion Systems

We believe we are the country’s leading experts in this field of engineering.

Our experienced, specialist team will design a hydraulic propulsion system to match your exact requirements, whether they be for an ocean going vessel, inland waterway use or an commercial work boat application..

Hydraulic propulsion offers many advantages such as simple installation, multiple drive systems and instant response.  Simply download (link) our factsheet for more information.

All our systems are fully tested so we obtain accurate and actual HP and torque figures; this enables the propeller supplier to provide the most efficient propeller for the application and one that suits the engines power torque curve.

If you require proportional control, electronic proportional control, remote control, a hydraulic system for a fixed speed engine, or a system that allows you to integrate other hydraulic equipment such as a thrusters into the same system please contact us.

All motors can be specified to suit our Drive Pod

Download our Hydraulic Propulsion brochure by clicking here

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