Appointed Sole UK Distributor for AMCA

2018 has started on a positive note for Hercules Hydraulics as AMCA, the leading European manufacturer of hydraulic proportional control valves, has appointed them as their sole UK distributor.

The two companies started their relationship in 2015 when Hercules Hydraulics became the AMCA Build Partner for England and Wales. They quickly established themselves as one of the largest AMCA Build Partners worldwide, which paved the way for the new UK distributor appointment. 

Under the new arrangement, parts will be shipped from Holland direct to Hercules Hydraulics who will continue to build, test and deliver AMCA Valves to customers in England and Wales plus they will also supply components to ITC, the established Scottish AMCA Build Partner.

“We have enjoyed working as a build partner with AMCA for the past couple of years,” said Ryan Langley, Managing Director at Hercules Hydraulics, “and are delighted to have been chosen as a full UK distributor. We are looking forward to working closely with ITC in Scotland to ensure the growth of the AMCA business throughout the UK.”

Each AMCA valve is built, set up and tested to specific customer requirements, with bespoke valve configurations being available from stock.  Valve can be specified for flow rates of up to 660lpm, rated to 420bar with electrical, manual or hydraulic pilot control and can usually be built, tested and delivered in 48 hours.

One of the main driving factors behind AMCA’s decision to appoint Hercules Hydraulics was the expertise the Company has in the marine hydraulics sector particularly in the offshore workboat market, a sector where AMCA excels in other parts of the world.

AMCA valves however also strengthen Hercules Hydraulics offering in other market sectors such as industry, agriculture, construction and mobile plant, all significant users of hydraulic equipment and a wide range of hydraulic valves.

AMCA AP 1600                         AMCA assembled

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