Descension from Anish Kapoor

You may have heard about sculptor, Sir Anish Kapoor's latest exhibition at the Palace of Versailles, which explores controversy and hedonism, and includes the widely reported “big vagina”. The collection of six works, are dotted across the Palace gardens and nearby Salle du Jeu de Paume and Hercules Hydraulics have played a part in it.


We were asked to build the hydraulically powered Descension, the vortex, a somewhat unusual and very individual project for us.

The project did pose a particular problem in that the hydraulic system driving the swirling water is some 80 metres away from the vortex itself, and the deadline for completion was particularly tight, with design, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning taking just three weeks!

The artist describes this work as grumbling and angry coming from the centre of the Earth; you can hear it, you can feel it. Why not take a look at it working – Click Here.


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