Hercules Hydraulics In The Philippines

For the first time in our history, Hercules Hydraulics has had a team of engineers working in the Philippines - not once but twice! 

The company was appointed to design and install the hydraulics systems by Turbine Transfers, for three new vessels being constructed for them, at the Austal shipyard in Balamban, Cebu, Philippines.

Turbine Transfers Limited, operate a fleet of fast catamarans for the transfer of personnel and equipment between the shore and wind turbineslocated off the coast of the UK and other European countries. The success the Company is enjoying in this growth sector has led to a continuous need to expand its fleet of specialist workboats, including the three vessels currently being built by Austal.

The hydraulic installations designed by Hercules Hydraulics recognise the need for these robust vessels to work in challenging environments, whilst keeping the crew and technicians on board both safe and comfortable.

Having delivered the hydraulic kits, a team of Hercules Hydraulics’ engineers then spent a couple of weeks at the shipyard completing the installation.

“We travel all over the world installing hydraulic systems and equipment but have never worked at a shipyard in the Philippines before,” said Hercules Hydraulics Managing Director, Steve Radford, “ so imagine our surprise to be back there for a second project just a few days after our first visit.”

The trip seems to have been extremely worthwhile as the Austal shipyard immediately asked Hercules Hydraulics if they could assist with the hydraulic installation for another vessel, a 79m ferry, they are in the process of building for a completely different operator.

Just a few days after returning to the UK a team of Hercules Hydraulics’ engineers made their way back to the Philippines to help build the ferry

“The second project progressed just as well as the first so we hope that it could be the beginning of a long-lasting business relationship with Austal and we will be making our third visit to the Philippines soon.”


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