Chain Gypsy


Designed to simplify the lowering of an anchor chain into a locker, the new mild steel Chain Gypsy was initially designed for a 14mm chain but can be specified with a drum to suit any size of anchor chain.  The unit features a devils claw and a manual brake with an emergency release.

The versatility of the new Chain Gypsy has been demonstrated as three of the first projects completed involved equipment with different specifications.  One was specified for 14mm chain, another for 20.5mm chain and a third for 24mm chain. 

That versatility means that it is suitable for a variety of fishing and fish farming applications, providing vessels with an effective and space efficient solution for pulling and storing anchor chains of any dimension.

The Chain Gypsy joins our extensive range of winches and other hydraulic equipment suitable for potting, beaming, scalloping, trawling or mid water fishing.



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