Steel Thrusters


Drive MotorVOAC F12-30VOAC F12-40
System Pressure – typical280 bar210 bar
Motor Pressure – nominal255 bar185 bar
Flow – nominal44 ltr/min58.4 ltr/min
Pump/Motor Power21/19 kW20.4/18 kW
Typical Pump for full thrust60cc@800rpm75cc@800rpm
Propeller Diameter375 mm375 mm
Propeller RPM14601460
Nominal Thrust320 Kg320 Kg
TunnelGrade A steel, 12.7mm thickness. Aluminium or GRP optional extra
Wear RingNot required on this size of unit
Drive HousingSG Iron. Bronze or Aluminium optional extra
Drive ShaftSealed bearing assembly, oil lubricated, 8 litre header tank supplied
PropellerFour blades, Manganese Bronze. Aluminium optional extra

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