Propulsion Nozzles

Kort Propulsion Nozzles

Manufacturing Excellence
We are proud to have been the main contractor manufacturing nozzles on behalf of Kort Propulsion since 1984.

Kort nozzles are particularly well known for towing vessels, such as tugs and fishing boats, but can also offer significant performance improvements for coasters, inland waterways craft and bulk carriers using designs optimised for each vessel type.

We have experience in the manufacture of fabricated nozzles from Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

We also have the capacity to machine nozzles from suitable plastics mainly for the ROV industry.

Hercules has the capacity to manufacture nozzles to suit propellers as small as 200mm, up to over 3m in diameter.

In addition to manufacture of standard fixed nozzles, Hercules has the ability and experience to manufacture steerable Kort Nozzles and the corresponding stern gear required. As all the manufacture is completed under one roof, items are assembles and inspected as they are finished, ensuring both quality and consistency throughout.

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