Bow Thrusters

Steel Bow Thrusters

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminium and steel bow thrusters to suit all types of vessels.

Kort Thrusters is the result of a long-standing formal joint venture between Hercules CSMD and Kort Propulsion Company Limited.

Our thrusters are primarily designed for commercial displacement vessels but have been successfully fitted to planing craft and inland waterways pleasure craft.

Long service life and ease of maintenance have been key factors in design and development.

Models KT30-KT170 have the hydraulic motor fitted in the drive housing directly coupled to the propeller shaft which runs in taper roller bearings housed in the nose cone assembly. These are pre fitted and tested prior to delivery.

Models KT200-KT300 have a lower gearbox within the tunnel with the hydraulic motor plugged into the input housing inside the vessel. These larger units can also have diesel drive via a cardan shaft and right angle gearbox. A range of ratios is available to suit engine rating.

All models can be supplied to suit a range of system operating pressures and can be integrated with either closed loop or open loop hydraulic systems.

All units are supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual.

Our joint experience working with shipbuilders and repairers has influenced the design of our thrusters, resulting in lower installation costs and more reliable commissioning.

Hydraulic services and testing can be carried out on site in conjunction with Hercules Hydraulics.