Hydraulic Systems Training

Hydraulic systems training is something the team at Hercules Hydraulics encourage and support for the development and continuance of the hydraulics industry and the skills demanded by it.

As part of our commitment to offering a total hydraulics service, Hercules Hydraulics have formed a training partnership with the NFPC – National Fluid Power Centre – to provide our customers with a greater opportunity to learn through the provision of a range of short training courses covering hydraulics, electro-hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics / electronics.

The National Fluid Power Centre is recognised by the British Fluid Power Association and approved by leading international companies, including Hercules Hydraulics, to provide hydraulics system and other related training.

The NFPC is the UK’s leading hydraulics training organisation with many years experience involving the operation, maintenance, management and design of hydraulic systems and hydraulic controls.

We are also accredited by the BFPA to fulfil both their Hose Assembly Skills Training Programme and their Foundation Course in Working Safely with Hydraulic Hose and Connectors.

Hercules Hydraulics like to work closely with our customers to identify any training needs and hope that the partnership with the National Fluid Power Centre and our BFPA Accreditation will be of benefit to those customers who realise the importance of a trained work force as the premier business asset. NFPC and BFPA training courses provide first-class education.

The above courses are available throughout the year along with a wide range of other training courses in hydraulics, electro-hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics / electronics and associated control systems. These outstanding training courses cover a variety of subjects and accommodate for different levels of ability.

Hydraulics training courses can be arranged to take place at the Hercules Hydraulics dedicated training room in Paignton, at the specially designed laboratory at the NFPC facility in Nottinghamshire or on-site at the customers own premises.

Details of the range of hydraulics systems, electro-hydraulics and other training courses can be found on the NFPC and BFPA websites or bespoke hydraulics training courses can be developed to take account of the particular hydraulic installations of any customer.