Anchor Winches

These lightweight hydraulic winches are designed for Offshore Wind Farm Vessels and are built almost entirely from non-ferrous materials weighing to keep weight down, whilst offering rugged and durable performance.

Fishing Winches

Constructed from marinised mild steel winches may be supplied with or without a guide-on facility. A range of rope, combination rope and net capacities with different speeds and pulls to suit the users are available.

Hydraulic Landing Winch

A heavy-duty landing winch, constructed from aluminium and stainless steel, with a 1 tonne maximum pull.
The drum and fastenings are in stainless steel with the drum available with different capacities to suit individual vessel requirements. 

Mooring Winch

This lightweight winch has been designed primarily for diving support vessels and is suitable for 3 or 4 point mooring.
Weighing around 275Kg, its all aluminium and stainless steel construction can withstand 6 tonne snatch loads and is suitable for different rope and chain combinations.

TMA Winches

Marine versions share the same compact dimensions and have all external and major internal surfaces treated with a special marine environment protection process. This process has been developed over several years and gives maximum security and endurance. 

Tugger Winch

Designed for tipping, pulling-in or landing the Hercules 3 Ton Tugger Winch is ideally suited to fishing or other demanding applications.

Universal Deck Winch

The new universal deck winch is suitable for loads of up to 2.5 tonne and has been designed so that it can be used for a number of different on-board applications such as fishing, mooring, landing etc.